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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to Sarah! I love you baby! This video is for you!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Spend time with that special someone!

Check out this video that The Comic Seen has called "Absolutely Hysterical ...nonstop laughs!"

1.) Put your phone away and focus on them!

2.) It's not about the $$$$, it's about the thought!

3.) Treat everyday like it's your first date and you will never have a last day.

To my single people out there! Find a friend and go on a date. When I was single, I was very fortunate to have a friend to just take out that night for dinner and a show. Sometime you can just spend time with someone, whose friendship you truly appreciate. I am still good friend with this person!

SEE hang with a friend! SpongeBob does it!

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