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Friend-zone : Fact or Fiction

The Friend-zone has been around since Ross allegedly was "mayor" of it with Rachel.

Growing up, everyone has had their experience with this "zone." You may have been locked away in it, knew some one that was locked away in it, or YOU locked someone away in it.

BUT, is it possible that this zone does not exist?

What if this ZONE was invented as a cop-out for being unable to accept rejection? Could this cop-out been used to twist the other person into some malicious emotional terrorist that only desires for you to be unhappy and always pick her up from the airport when she needs a lift!

Wait, why does it have to be a she? Could the evil person be a he? UGH this zone is evil! The friend zone is an equal opportunity cop-out!

So is it fact or fiction?

I believe the friend-zone both exists and does not exist. It depends on each different and unique situation.

On one hand? It is fake!

I believe the friend-zone is nonexistent when a person can not be mature enough to accept that a person does not return the same romantic feelings. I believe people shame the supposed "warden" by suggesting they are in the friend-zone. My advice for those people: Move on. If a person does not like you and is up front about it, ACCEPT IT!

On the other hand? It is REAL!

Now, I believe the friend-zone can exist when a person A is aware that person B likes them, and then person A maliciously uses this knowledge for their personal use. For example, my friend, who we shall call "Jill," was infatuated with "Jack." Jack was aware of her feelings and decided to lead her on, and extort stuff like homework information and more out of her. THIS HERE IS A WARDEN OF THE FRIEND-ZONE!

Good new, Jill escaped and is not in a happy relationship with someone that completes her.

So, the friend zone can be a cop out and it can be real. It depends on the situation. Much like the question "Is there a good Nicolas Cage movie " it depends on the situation. Are we talking "Leaving Las Vegas" or "Ghost Rider 2?"

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