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BLOG: The Reign Of Resolutions

The season of Resolutions have begun. Mine are below! What are yours?

Keep to my diet: Diets are like new Iphone Screen, they will be broken soon.

Going to the Gym: My "Weight-lifting face" is the same as my "constipation face"

Try something new: My girlfriend brought me to a Vegan Resturant. I told the server "Thank you for the menues." Turns out, they were apetizers. And yes, all the servers were sporting the vegan calling-card : The man-bun.

Last But Not Least: Write 3 new minutes of material every month, exercise regularly and try not to fart in front of my girlfriend, like I always do. Now I will tell you I am 2 out of 3 so far. I will not tell you what I am failing at , but I will tell you that I need to shop for Beano.

Enjoy and Good Luck on you resolution(s)!


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