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BLOG: Bye Bye BatFleck! Thanks for the Batman

I always tell people I am a night person because that is when Bruce Wayne did his best work! "I am vengeance, I am the night, I am BATMAN!"

Jesse Pimpinella

This will be a line that I will never hear Ben Affleck say because he is no longer Batman. For me, Bale, Keaton, and Affleck were the best Batmans. I can't compare them because they were all too different.

Keaton was a reflection of Batman in the 80s and early 90s. He made us think more about Bruce Wayne and his suffering. I felt that Batman and Bruce Wayne were two different character that suffered from being the same person.

Bale gave us a young Batman in a world grounded in realism. Bale was dedicated to being Batman like how Bruce was dedicated. Bale commented that he had to play his Bruce/Batman as 4 different characters. Bale introduced the idea how how complex is was to be both Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Finally, Ben Affleck got to do what Bale and Keaton didn't get to do; portray an old Batman. A war-torn Batman that is suffering and no longer feels like his crusade is effective. Even as a Bat-geek, I was shocked Batman was killing in the Batman Vs Superman. However, it was because Batman was suffering from the loss of Dick Grayson, no Jason Todd. Despite changes from the source material, I understand it was apart of an arc.This arc was the Reconciliation of Batman, who is inspired by Superman's sacrifice to become better once more. There is more to this, but I will digress. But overall, I LOVED IT! It was sharp, risky and fresh!

Whoever is the new Batman, break a leg in the Cowl! Welcome to the Batcave! Become the Vengeance, Become The Night, Become BATMAN!

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