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Hire A Movie Film Marshall!

Airplane have Air Marshall that to deal with shit going down on the airplane! I suggest we need a movie marshall for theaters.

Recently, my Girlfriend and I went to see Captain Marvel and there were people

1.Snapchatting (Their camera flash lit up the movie screen) 2. Skyping Significant Others

3. Playing Candy Crush

4. Talking out loud and having conversation


That is why I want a Movie Marshall with a stun-gun. The ticket that customer buy for the movie will have a clause on the back that says "If you are a dick and disrupt the movie, you get zap." This may seem unreasonable, but baseball tickets have a clause on their tickets that protects them from liability for when a fan is struck in the head by a foul ball!

Trust me, for minimum wage, there will be people lining up to tase people for being a dicks. Face it, would you rather flip burgers at McDonalds or sit-in on new movies for free every day and zap people for being dicks! I rather zap dicks and watch flicks!

AMC, Regal theaters and more; Contact me and lets get this ball rolling!

Thank you!

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