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The Hot Mess: Under Pressure

I do not know how many people ACTUALLY read my blogs. But if you are reading this, I may not write as well as JK Rowling, but at least I do not spew hate! Can you believe the woman that taught a whole generation about love and acceptance would say such vile things? I digress.

Life has been tough on a global level. I will never try to imagine a person’s pain and insult them by saying "I understand." I promise to listen and do whatever they need from me. I could never be a lifeguard. Lifeguards were trained to save lives, but if a person struggles too much and may take the lifeguard down, then the lifeguard is trained to let them go. I could never. I would drown with you.

I am happy that comedy is some-what returning. This world has a dangerous amount of pressure built up, and we need a release. Tiger King and Tik Tok released some of it. But we need more than murderous zookeepers and talentless lip sync videos to help. Luckily, a few comics and I got a show together in Columbus, OH and helped not only provide that release to the audience, but to ourselves. Comedy is more than an art. It is a language that comedians and I speak most articulately. It is a culture built on rejection, loss, dysfunction, and pain.

In life, I must accept pain; on stage, I spit in pain's face. I will not say comedy is therapy. Therapy is therapy. Though, I admit, I felt like I was running my new tight five during my last session while discussing my family. But therapy gives you the tools to deal with pain, and comedy gives me the chance to confront pain.

This is my way to release pressure from the world. What is you release? Find it and hold on tightly. You are important. Spit in pains face and tell it to "go to hell" for me!

The Hot Mess, Jesse


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