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Quick Thoughts On The Mandalorian: Spoilers

If you have not been watching The #Mandalorian on Disney Plus, stop residing under a rock!

THE MANDALORIAN: If Batman and Clint Eastwood became one person and turned to a life of bounty hunting with the belief that "weapons are my religion" ...IN SPACE!!!!

BABY YODA: Besides Baby Yoda having the powers of the Force, he also has the power to print money! Disney is getting richer!

What I love most about this show is how much it feel like the original trilogy. You can tell that Jon Favreau has his finger on the pulse of the original trilogy. This show uses amazing make-up work and puppets for some of the amazing creatures, and avoids over doing the CGI. Remember when Yoda was a puppet?

Puppet Baby Yoda > CGI Baby Yoda! #IHaveSpoken

What I love most about the Mandolorian, much like how I love Batman, is that he is a ordinary person with no power. he is not a jedi with the powers of the force. He is like us. That is why I felt that Han Solo was so popular; he was a slick, cool, space gun slinging, scruffy looking nerf-herder who got the princess. What is there not to love? Plus, he cruised in the Millennium Falcon with his buddy Chewy! We love Han Solo and he replies "I Know!"

Jesse Pimpinella

This show, along with Rogue One is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since the first Trilogy.

"I have spoken"


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