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Comedy Special On The Way! Find Out More!

It's finally happening! I am releasing my very first comedy special right here on my website. Many say it will be the #1 Comedy Special Ranked on here... it's the only one, but I digress! Like being the only one at an orgy.

Anyways, the path to self-producing has been a tough one. You find out real quick who will stick with you and who will abandon you like a U.S. Military base in Afghanistan. Despite the set backs, tech issues and C-19, we are finally here! What is next. CHRIST! Let me soak in the moment. Now, the anxiety is slipping in! Breathe...Breathe. I'm back.

Seriously, I am going to tour a little bit and do a grass-roots release. Sell it after shows, sell it online, etc. Point is, the goal was to make this and release it. I wanted to do this so I can say "Hey, I made a special and I am pretty damn proud of it." I have succeeded in that goal so everything else that comes after is just sprinkles on the already very delicious ice-cream sundae!

OCTOBER 1st is coming soon!

Your Hot Mess,



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