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Thoughts About Writing New Show: Spooky!

What's up my #HotMessFam ! It has been a busy month. Currently, working on my next special, SPOOKY! The material is about my engagement to my wife, Spooky and all my commit-a-phobic thoughts about kids, vows and more. I am looking to shoot this special on October 13th, 2023. For those that know dates well, that is Friday the 13th.

Putting together the act has been tricky because it is not enough to have funny jokes, but you need for them to cohesively blend together to deliver some arc to the entire set. At least that is how I do it. I admire people that can fire any joke off at anytime. My mind is a pain and loves structure.

Final Thoughts

I am going to wrap this one up! But I wanted to say stay hot and stay messy! As hot messes, we get shit done. Go conquer the world and meet me back here next week!


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