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Happy Mardi Gras!

Yep, it's FAT TUESDAY or as the people who are drinking excessively call it "MARDI GRAS!"


Today is not only my last day before I begin my "LENT DIET," but it is also my 24th Birthday.

For LENT (A Catholic tradition where I give up something I love for 40 days.) I gave up JUNK FOOD AND A LIFE OF UNHEALTHINESS!

That is right! Last comedy gig I did I broke the stage. NO exaggeration. The wooden stage(platform) cracked in half.

I jumped up and down for the purpose of selling a joke, and came crashing through the stage. It was cheap wood in my defense. But it was a wake up call.

SO NOW, I must subject myself to...

1) NO fast food, or junk food

This will be tough for me because I am an emotional eater. Which means, If I had enough chocolate, I could have the Punisher origin happen to me and I wouldn't shed a tear.


2) Gym Gym and Gym

I must become a gym rat. Yes, I need to be a bro. Knuckle bumps, spot people, and read subtitles to my favorite TV shows because I can't turn up the volume while on the treadmill.

So far, I had an awkward sex scene happen on the TV and was scolded by the gym for watching " Skin flicks."

Well, that is all for now!

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