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The Olympics, but with Saw!

Honestly, I have not watch the Olympics at all! It's like a boring pick up game that Earth does every 4 years. Like an awkward family reunion between countries.

"Hey remember that time we almost went to war? Welp, let's play some handball! "

But for me, the Olympics is BORING and I can't think of a reason to ever watch it...UNLESS if John Kramer aka Jigsaw held the games. Then, you have my attention!

Yes, there will be blood and most likely numerous lawsuits. But imagine, amazing Sport Commentary.

100 Yard Dash

"Hello, I would like to play a game. You have all taken life for granted. Your hunger for fame and glory allowed you to trade in your humanity for a chance to be on a box of wheaties! Hunger is a great driving force, isn't it! Behind you is a starving lion in a cage and you are on the menu. It will be released at the start of the race. After you run the 100 yard dash, you will find a pile of weapons of your choice at the finish line. Sacrifice one to save the many. Maybe it will get you on that box of wheaties. Live or Die. The choice is yours! "

At the end of the Olympic, there will be a shocking plot twist no one saw all the Gold Medals have ricin on them and winners must play another game for an antidote!


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