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Going The Distance

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a die hard Rocky fan! What is more relatable to me than a Young Italian Guy wanting to "go the distance" to prove to himself that he isn't a "bum?" If you have never seen the Rocky films, stop residing under a rock! If you hate the Rocky films, you are as mythical as a unicorn because I don't believe you exist. I live my life "going the distance" and so should you!

What does "going the distance" mean? Does it mean starring in a soft-core porno to make ends meet? Sort of; look how Stallone made ends meet before he sold the Rocky script. Kidding a side, this phrase refers to Rocky's desire to fight Apollo Creed ( The Heavy World Champ of the World) for all 15 rounds of their fight; win, lose or draw! Rocky is hand-picked to fight Apollo as a novelty fight; someone everyone thought would be knocked out in 2-3 rounds. However, Rocky goes the distance and is still standing after the fight. Who care he lost in the split decision; he WOWED the world. Rocky did what everyone thought was impossible. Rocky didn't care win or lose, he just wanted to know he was not a bum. Spoiler Alert: He IS NOT A BUM!

I am writing about this because I have had instances where I felt that the "going the Distance" mind set was vital.

Recent Instance

You can only be told by a friend "you aren't that great" and "you only have 10 good minutes" so much until you realize this person is not your friend anymore. Betrayal is a funny thing. Betrayal is so evil that an ENEMY can't commit this; only a friend can. My friend is named JACKSON of legal reasons. Jackson and I worked with each other for a while, but soon I saw he kept underestimating my skills and had me do stand-up spots that most comics describe as "taking a bullet." Eventually, we were booked at the JOKE MAKERS COMEDY CLUB for legal purposes. The night before, we had show to practice our individual acts and our team performance. During the team performances, we played an improv game where we created improvised punchlines to the audiences' set-up suggestions. During my turn at the mic, Jackson snapped at me on stage and began to berate me in front of the live audience. He took shots at my intelligence and my abilities as a stand-up. The audience was confused and uncomfortable, as was I. It didn't make sense why a friend would say something so malicious. That night, I was left steaming. My imposter syndrome kicked back in "Maybe I am not good enough."

The next night was showtime. I knew that this performance could only work if it was for me, and me alone. Killing on stage was not about throwing my skills in someones face, it was about me feeling happy and proving to my self that I can go the distance because I "ain't no bum." Because of this mindset, I had one of the best sets in my life.

Whether it is poetry, graphic designs, or painting, don't worry about people's expectation. Whether painting is in a museum or on a customer's wall after they paid you $50 for it, you made art! So set your GPS to Rocky Balboa Mind Set and GO THE DISTANCE!

Speaking of going the distance! I will be releasing


It will be available here!

Your Hot Mess

Jesse Pimpinella


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