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The Girl That Stole My Heart

WARNING: I am gonna sound a bit sweet and gushy. Get off my back. I love this girl. Below is the the story of how we met and above

is the stand-up story based on this wonderful moment in my life.

Being with Sarah is incredible! Everyday, I wake up so easily because my dreams are nothing compared to my reality with her.

Sarah and I were friends in High School. I was older, but she way way more mature. And out of my league for sure.

Jesse Pimpinella

But, I was too stupid to realize that the emotions that I had for her were love.

I dated plenty of people that played me like a battleship board game- and cheated left and right.

Oh well, 4 years later, I was single, and Sarah came back into my life.

After hanging out with her a few times, all my feeling came back for her. One time, she needed me. I dropped everything, and drove 90 minutes to be there for her. Finally, I realized it was love. Maybe I didn't want to admit it was love because I always believed love was terminal and did not want to ever lose her. But with her, I never want it to be.

Instead living in fear, I took a risk. I asked her out on June 29th 2015 outside of a Starbucks in Boardman, Ohio.

The rest is history. But I like to tell the story about how we started dating, and that is why I wrote the joke at the top. Enjoy!

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