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BLOG: 26 Candles and HeathScare Insurance

As of my 26th Birthday, I am no longer under my mom's insurance. I'm uninsured. Basically the entire medical field in this country divorced me. I ran into my doctor at a party and he acted lie he didn't know me.

So hat shall I do? Currently my my healthcare plan is agoraphobia.

On another note, my mom is a nurse. Therefore, instead of Obamacare, I got " Yo Mamma Care"

My mom told me I must begin eating healthy or I may suffer life threatening consequences later in life. This means like a heart attack or possibly my mom is putting a hit out on me for eating too many hamburgers. Like a Hamburger assassin. It's the McDonald's Hamburglar's cousin.

Until I land some major benefits, I shall keep safe, bundle up and avoid sick people like a political discussion at Thanksgiving.

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Jesse Pimpinella

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