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Late Night Thoughts!

So I am sitting on my couch, watching Highlander 3 while writing this! Don't judge me! I am a sucker for the Highlander flicks. Tonight, I want to talk about trust! We first learned about trust in school. We did trust falls, which was not a great ideas if one would have the school bully be the catcher. But, I digress!

The point is trust is important. So important that it make betrayal an even worse concept to think about. Only people you trust can betray you. Enemies can never betray you, because what evil they do on to you is consistent in their nature.

I write about this because I have recently experiences a degree of this and wanted to let others know that they are not alone, nor should they allows such misfortune to change them. You will be betrayed by someone, but never betray who you are. You are kind, strong, and good hearted. Never let someone contaminate that. Remember this!

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