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When She Moves-in!

When your partner moves in with you, it is a big deal! It's a trial that you shall only pass if your love is true!Right before the Lockdown of 2020, my fiance and I finally moved in! It was time to test our love.

Will we be as symbiotic as the clown fish and the anemone? Or will she Kathy Bates me with the sledge hammer from Misery?

At times, it was both! I was a bachelor living on my own. I was messy! I left so many clothes on the bedroom floor that I told her one time to "Stay on the path, you will be okay!"

Here were some things that annoyed her!

1) Leaving a Empty Glass near the sink!

2) Cursing at ASSHATS during online gaming

3) Siding a phone into the bathroom playing the Psycho theme music as she was showering

Here were something that annoyed me

1) She would methodically wait for me to lay down before saying "Honey could you do something for me." Literally just this! It is evil!

Has you relationship been tested during this Lockdown? How so?

Your Dear Hot Mess,

Jesse Pimpinella


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