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#HashtagHuber's Day-Off

This past Wednesday, there was no #HashtagHuber released for #WebseriesWednesday. I am still putting out #HashtagHuber in the future, but this week I was too busy with prepping for my shows coming up in the fall. I am a part of 2 comedy show, a roast battle, a few interviews and possibly some club dates (fingers crossed).

Check out last weeks #HashtagHuber

I speak about Kaepernick's stand!


The internet has been exploding about wireless ear buds by apple! No shit, they want you to lose them, so you have to buy a new pair. That's why phones have gotten smaller and smaller over time, so that we lose them and have to buy new ones. Our last line of defense is porn. Because we can watch porn on phones, screens have gotten bigger, therefore the phone got bigger. As long as the phone is big, we can find it much easier when we lose it.

#HASHTAGHUBER will return WEDNESDAY at 14th, NOON on all my social media sites!

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