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Road Show, Erie Movie House and Laughter!

Jesse's Journal

Thank you to all that have been following and supporting my comedy.

Also, here's an AWKWARD MOMENTS segment. Fate replied to me "Ha! You thought you were smooth!

Road shows have been great. This past Saturday, I went to #EriePA for a show at the Erie Movie House. Understand something now, I LOVE THIS PLACE! I mean " love" in a "I've knocked her up and I'm willing to fight her ex" love! The place is filled with classic arcade games, retro gaming systems and a kick-ass jukebox with amazing selections of tunes all for the price of FREE.

Plus, they had Super Mario World on the SNES, a few first-person shooter arcade games, an air hockey table and more. The show room was also a theater where they usually play

classic films and cult hits. This was a nerd's heaven. Last week, they were playing the film Charade, therefore, I was following a Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn with my silly stories this week.

The show was fun. I got to soar for 45 minutes on stage with a rocking audience that let me take them anywhere with my stories. Plus they were GREAT laughter. You have no idea what your laughs do for me. I never had an interest in drugs because than your laughs. I was having a rough week, and #EriePa gave me so much love in the form of laughs.

Thank you Erie Movie House, #FubarComedy (for booking me) and thank you #EriePA

NEXT BLOG: NEXT MONDAY! See you then and thank you for reading!


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