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The Next Batman is Officially Robert Pattinson!

Jesse Pimpinella
How The World is Doing Right Now

When I found out that Robert Pattinson was Batman, did I cry? Yes, Yes I did! Did I renounce my God? No, but some people have. Now, I have seen the Twilight films; mainly because I was whipped in a previous relationship. I still suffer PTSD from it. I would rather be blown by a piranha than watch The Twilight Franchise. Despite the hate, the franchise made $3 billion. Besides this franchise, Pattinson has gone on to star in other successful films; mainly art house films.

Now let's take Twilight out of the conversation, and wishfully out of existence. There is a trend here that I must point out. There are actors that have received a role, get a huge amount of flack and then are praised for killing the role. An example of this trend is Heath Ledger. Ledger received every "Brokeback Mountain" joke when he was casted as the Joker. Ledger went on to not only be the BEST live action Joker, but also become the ONLY actor to win an OSCAR for a comic book role.

Then there's Michael Keaton, who is revered as one of the best live action Batmans. Upon his casting, people were furious. "What? Mr. Mom is now Batman? A Comedy Actor can't be Batman." Flash forward, Batman and Batman Returns are CLASSICS in the Batman Mythos.

As of recently, Ben Affleck received this same flack. The internet screamed "Daredevil can't be Batman! Daredevil sucked" upon Affleck's casting. While Batman vs Superman was met with mix reviews, Affleck's Batman was met with high praise for his portrayal. For me, I felt Affleck's portrayal was the closest a movie has ever come to the comic book; it was dead on to Frank Miller's Batman. That warehouse scene is still one of the best live action Batman fights. Yes, this Batman killed, but I feel that it was apart of a brilliant and unfinished redemption arc that was not completed and somewhat poorly executed (Blame WB).

Here is a meme with other controversial castings that went well. Now, I am not saying that I am for Robert Pattinson, I am simply just pointing out a trend that should not be ignored.

Keep in mind, some castings suck; I think we have not forgotten Jared Letos's Joker. Still in therapy for that.

What are your thoughts?


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