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Top 5 Hidden Gems | Horror Movies

Yeah, you betcha I'll be watching classic franchises like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Evil Dead etcs. But, I would like to focus on my top 5 hidden gems that I have discovered this past Halloween Season in no particular order.

1) The Hatchet Franchise (4 Movies)

Are you a fan of practical effects, classic 80's slasher tropes and awesome scream queens? Then, you need to see this franchise. A gruesome slasher and a group of stranded tourist in the wrong place at the wrong time. Blood, Guts and head crushing ensues!

2) Frailty (1 Movie)

Matthew McConaughey will send shivers down you spine in this religious horror/thriller that make you question whether God gave a father a message to seek out demons and exterminate them. Growing up Catholic, anything horror/religious was enough to get me nervous, freaked up and scared. This movie plays with yoru preception, your religious beliefs and your mind.

3) Unfriended Franchise (2 Movies)

Seriously, I am not a huge fan of found footage films, especially ones that take place on a single laptop screen, BUT BUT BUT, this franchise shows the world how this type of film should be done and provided the right scares and twists that one looks for in a spooky film.

4) We Summon the Darkness

Hungry for a film with a great 80s vibe, plot twists and Johnny Knoxville as a evangelical-fire-and-brimstone preacher? Then, you need to see this movie that has rock'n'roll, satanic cults and murder!!

5) Babysitter Franchise

This franchise is one of the best horror comedies since Ash v Evil Dead. Odd-ball humor, bloody deaths and more satanic spooky vibes that will have you screaming for a third flick!


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