The Hot Mess: Masks,Masks, Masks!

Honestly, I am glad that we have to wear masks, do you have any idea how sick I was from getting blasted by bad breath? Been a while! Plus, my mask hides one of my chins, which helps eliminate my noticable double chin. No, this is not a political post. I am as political as Epstien's death was suicide. Don't get me wrong, I hate wearing a mask. It's apart of my leaving the house check list.


2) Keys

3) Phone

4) MASK!

Here is a popular list of people who use masks!

Batman! Of course, I will listen to Batman! The mask protects all the one's he loves from his treacherous foes. But then again, Alfred is a bad ass! Read a comic!

Cyclops mask protects others! His mask is made up of ruby-quartz lenses in order to control is power. Without it, each time he opens his eyes, he would fire an enormously destructiver blast!