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The Hot Mess: Masks,Masks, Masks!

Honestly, I am glad that we have to wear masks, do you have any idea how sick I was from getting blasted by bad breath? Been a while! Plus, my mask hides one of my chins, which helps eliminate my noticable double chin. No, this is not a political post. I am as political as Epstien's death was suicide. Don't get me wrong, I hate wearing a mask. It's apart of my leaving the house check list.


2) Keys

3) Phone

4) MASK!

Here is a popular list of people who use masks!

Batman! Of course, I will listen to Batman! The mask protects all the one's he loves from his treacherous foes. But then again, Alfred is a bad ass! Read a comic!

Cyclops mask protects others! His mask is made up of ruby-quartz lenses in order to control is power. Without it, each time he opens his eyes, he would fire an enormously destructiver blast!

Bane knows that tough guys wear mask! He was just an ordinary man, but once he put on the mask, he became more than just a man; like Batman! He became a symbol! A symbol of Gotham's Reckoning!

Stormtroopers' helmets protect them from all sorts of intergalactic doors...

Dr. Hannibal Lecter may have not wanted to wear the mask, but it was for our safety... Ask the guy missing a face!

Finally, Darth Vadar, his mask kept him alive from an ailment call "Not understanding the importance of the high ground."

Comment other famous masks! Again, this post is NO POLITICAL! This is a fun outlet to laugh at all this because frankly, we need to release some of the pressure in society. People are taking themselves TOO serious.

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