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Thanksgiving Survival Tips

1) Determine your scapegoat!

As table conversation goes on, you may feel your shortcomings becoming the table conversations. "So why did you quit your job?" "You look heavier." "Why aren't you and Clare still together, she was so nice."

Always be ready to change the conversation. Divert the incoming conversation, like "I don't know, I have been more worried about Uncle Jack's coke habit!"

"I don't know, how are you and Mike, I hear you are both fighting more often."


2) Fake your Death

If you feel that the first tip will not work, then do this. Refer to Jim Gordon from The Dark Knight or something! Google it. Ask Siri

3) Friendsgiving

Friends can make a great family! Look at Fast and the Furious, now that is family! You pick one friend to host the dinner and everyone else brings a dish they claimed that they've cooked, but most likely bought from Giant Eagle or Kroger's. I bring the cheese cake platter, so back off! That's my thing!

That is all I got, but if you have more, comment below on which ever social media site you are on!

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