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Happy Thanksgiving, Uptown Scrooge and I'm Headlining!

WARNING! I have TEXTING grammar! I am not writing a paper to get graded here! So CHILL GRAMMAR NAZIS!


I have taken a week off to recover from the LOAD of show I have had! But, just because I'm not doing stand-up, does not mean I was not busy. I have been in the middle of Tech Week for Uptown Scrooge!

Uptown Scrooge is a walking tour play, where the audience is Scrooge and you are guided by the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future through Uptown Westerville. You will see classic characters like Tiny Tim, Nephew Fred and more! You may be doing the electric slide, cupid shuffle or bah-humbugging W.A.R.M Beggars! This isn't your father's Christmas Carol, it's yours! Show runs from Nov 26th-Dec 18th Every Saturday and Sunday

Get tickets and info below!

Also, I am HEADLINING at Wild Goose Creative for the Columbus Unscripted! The folks there are so nice! The show is NOVEMBER 28th at 7pm! $5 Cover! Sooth that Turkey Day weekend hangover with me! I got stories, jokes and more! I will be doing my FEATURE SET that I have performed at The Comedy Cellar at Mojo's Pub-N-Grill!

For more info CLICK HERE

Last and most important, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Think of 5 things you are thankful for and never forget what you have! For me

1)My Family, My Friends, My AMAZING GIRLFRIEND

2) My health

3) My Education

4) Comedy

5) Those like you who support me and who I see at shows or following me on social media! Thank you!

Peace & Love, Jesse

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