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Holidays w/ The Hubers

Merry Christmas to everyone! We are only few days away from Christmas!

Please enjoy this video

Last second Christmas shopping, cookies to still bake and a house to finish cleaning; Christmas in a nut shell!

In my house, Christmas is an event! Much like the relay race in the Olympics, where racers must pass the baton off to the next runner. Christmas Eve begins at our Catholic Church, so nothing can go wrong here because God has this day locked down.

Then the baton is passed to my house, where a big dinner awaits. This dinner includes our Italian tradition, the Seven Fish Christmas. Yes, the Seven Fish Christmas, where we serve just enough fish so our house smell like a Boston Market for two weeks.

Then we go to bed, wake up (YAY! It's CHRISTMAS) and have a huge breakfast at one of the Uncle's/ Aunt's house (alternates by year),

Soon the baton is finally passed off to my grandma who cooks this ENORMOUS CHRISTMAS DINNER! Then after all this, we can finally sleep and enjoy the last showing of The Christmas Story on TBS.

Christmas can be stressful, but I am very fortunate to have this tradition with my family!

Rock'N Roll and Love


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