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I Did It For The Stories

...Is the reasoning to my many ridiculous antic!

Did you know I played Jesus in a play?

Did you know I pretended to be a serial killer to prank someone?

I did it for the stories!

Sometime, the stories just occur on their own. Like when I texted my girlfriend "your eye as like stars, and I love glowing eyes," and it gets auto-corrected to "your eyes are like stars, and I love blowing guys." (As I retell in my stand-up video "My Girlfriend" featured on THE COMIC SEEN sites!)

So the "story" is a result of my curiosity or of something by surprise. Either way, I wake up every day so I can experience new stories.

I don't simply just do things so I can retell them, but so I can say "Man, I lived." I wanna live life to the fullest! It's like my hakuna matata

Because I've lived my life to the fullest I've met the love of my life, Sarah, become a stand-up comic and make many life long friends.

Do it for the story so you can reach your happy ending

...or call a shady massage parlor for one.


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