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Comedian Don Rickles, Merciless 'Merchant Of Venom,'

When I went on Facebook A.K.A my procrastination paradise, I shouted "NO!"

The first thing I see in my newfeed is that Don Rickles had past away at 90.

Growing up, I was raised on comedy from Chaplin, Three Stooges, Mel Brooks, Carson, and more before being introduced to comedy more commonly seen today. While watching a Youtube video of Carson, I discovered Rickles. He was being mean and everyone loved it. If I would say one mean thing, my mother would send me to my room. But this guy is getting love and praise for his caustic comments. What shocked me more was that he was the voice of Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story. So I began my research of Don Rickles.

From there I watched his roasts videos, stand-up clips and my favorite moment, when Rickles broke Carson cigarette box the night before when Newhart was guest hosting The Tonight Show. When Carson returns to the show the next night, he discovers the broken cigarette box. The guest explains that Rickles did it the night before. From there Carson left the set of The Tonight Show, and walked over to the set of C.P.O Sharkey, where Rickles was, to "scold" Rickles on camera.

Do yourself a favor and watch it

Rickles was known as Mr. Warmth and The "Merchant O Venon." When I was invited to do a roast, I studied Rickles to learn the art of roasting. Here is why I studied him

1) He was King! DUH!

2) When he roasted someone, you could feel the love and respect Rickles had for his victim. Today, Comedy Roasts are not as amazing as they use to be. It just a bunch of celebrities who barely know each other and roast each other. Just Watch

Roasting for me is the greatest display of affection in comedy. When I watched The Roast Of James Franco, I was impressed. The entire show was filled with celebrities who were ACTUALLY FRIENDS. So when they roasted each other, it was funny and also fun. It felt like I was eavesdropping on a group of friends at a bar that were busting each other balls. HERE IS A VIDEO OF ME ROASTING MY BEST FRIEND!

The respect I have for him is so high!

I could go on forever talking about his career and etc. I was/still am a fan. Watch his stuff. Go to YouTube. R.I.P Don Rickles! You were definitely an influence in my comedy!

Jesse Huber

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