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Bombs Away: The trial and errors of new jokes!

This is literally how I feel when I approach an open mic stage. Strolling up to the stage with a crushed napkins in my pockets that ink stains that resemble new jokes.

"Jessssseee HUBERRRRR" the host roars

I walk on stage

Open mics are by far my 2nd favorite part of comedy. The first would be killing a feature set at a comedy club!

For the next few months, I will be on my BOMBS AWAY show cycle. This is where I am constantly trying new jokes at an open mic, regardless of my fear of bombing.

I want to be able to have BRAND NEW SOLID MATERIAL for when the summer is over and comedy show are at a VERY HIGH FREQUENCY!

Summer means beautiful days. Beautiful days equal no one wanting to go inside for entertainment.

When the snow and cold hits, comedy crowds are flocking to shows

I hope to put some final touches to my "I DID IT FOR THE STORIES" set so that I can soon record my first comedy album.

The album would revolve around risk and that a life without risks, is a life not worth living. Risks make you feel alive, experience new things you may realize you love, and gives us amazing stories to look back on.

BOMBS AWAY is full of risks and I plan to seize the day, throw caution and fear of failing to the winds and do what I love best: Getting laughs!

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