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Happy Father's Day!

Yep, it's that yearly reminder that we are lucky to be waking up because our fathers were having too much fun with our mothers one night!


There are many type of fathers to honor today

1) The classic -with you through thick and thin- Father

Since birth, this guy has had your back while also being up your ass to insure that you become the incredible person you are today! They did their best to take the best parts of them and instill them into us!

Father figures are important and shape who we are for examples

The Boondocks Saints and their Father "Il Duce"

Indiana Jones and Henry Jones Sr.

2) The Great Men that become Fathers to you

They are great because they took up the responsibility of being your father. No one asked them to. They did it out of love and because they want the best for you. Yondu said it best!

For Example

Yondu and Star Lord

Joe West and Barry Allen

There are obviously all kinds of Fathers, but whoever is your Yondu or your Henry Jones Sr., Let them know you love them!


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