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From Stand-up Comics to Comic Books

Last time on The misadventures of Jesse! Jesse was invited by Action Comedy Nerd Show to host a comedy show at ColossalCon. Jesse had a blast, dress-up in his amazing Batman attire and performed with comedians Dan Brown and Jerry Jaffe! Now our hero has yet another amazing show to do with Action Comedy Nerd Show at NyanCon.

Will Jesse be able to garner laughter from the hungry audience

Will Jesse NERD OUT over every Batman thing there

Will Jesse sell his KOOZIE MERCH!


Doing stand-up at a comic book convention was an amazing experience. There was a little over 150 in the audience. They came for comedy. They were attentive. No one was on their phones. It was so nice to be in a room that was so supportive. The coolest part was looking into the audience of cosplayers. I was making The Joker, Batman, Ironman, Spawn, Hellboy and more laugh! Yes, I know they weren't actually them, but LET THIS NERD HAVE HIS MOMENT, WOULD YA?

5pm @NyanCon! Details Below!

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