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Jesse Pimpinella's Top 5 Halloween Films.


Not sure if I said that in a correct old English manner, but who cares. Halloween is here. Basically my second Christmas. I have already broken out the big box of Halloween films. Here are my top 5. In no specific order, they are all equal in my heart.

1) The Nightmare on Elm Street series

Wes Craven created a masterpiece horror icon. Freddy Kruger is violent, scary and somehow lovable. He is a character that you root against, but also watch because you admire how evil he is. Then again, there may be a part of you that wants him to win. I don't know. This character gives me conflicting thoughts, and that is why I believe he is such a great character. I love how there are time you cannot tell if the film is happening in the dream or in reality. If Freddy wants me to die in my dream, he would only have to tell me Ben Affleck is no longer Batman or that Carrot Top is directing the franchise!

2) EVIL DEAD Film & TV Series

GROOVY and HAIL TO THE KING BABY! This is a very quotable franchise that is purposely a B-film series. Bruce Campbell headlines this film and TV series masterfully with humor, heart and the right amount of comedic cliches. For me, this is a year-round film. Where else can a hero's right hand become possessed and try to kill him? Where else can the hero cut his hand off, and replace it with a chainsaw to fight the army of darkness? The answer is no where. So watch this!

3) Friday the 13th Series

Come on! This is just a classic. You have to watch this. Especially because we had a Friday the 13th in this month of October. Enough said! Plus, Jason goes to Space. This guy was the O.G. of jumping the shark. He was a mama's boy! I can relate to this character on that level. Last murdering mama's boy was Norman Bates.

4) Scream series

Again, another Wes Craven classic, Scream is my favorite meta horror/comedy/who-dun-it film series. It may be the only one of its kind. I reserve to watch this film series with my girlfriend because watching this without her is a transgression. It may be one step below cheating, and above not complimenting her new hair-cut. This film is the O.G. for Meta Horror. This film inspired great horror films like " Cabin In The Woods" and "The Final Girls"

5) Halloween

Michael Myers is an O.G. slasher. He is known for chasing after his sister Jamie Lee Curtis and wielding a butchers knife. The first film was so interesting because you saw through Michael's perspective most of the time and barely seen Michael himself. It was cool to backseat watch the doings of a mass murderer.

FYI: He has a martial art battle against Busta Rhymes in Halloween Resurrection. No shit. It's awfully amazing!

FYI: Screw Rob Zombies movies, I have class.


6 ) The Final Girls

The Final Girls is an indie film, where a group of friends get sucked into an Friday The 13th knock-off film from the 80s, and must survive the entire film, in order to leave the film alive. The characters utilize well known horror stereotypes to stay alive, such as staying a virgin, not splitting up, and more. It's a comedy/horror film that has plenty of brains and heart. It's a MUST SEE! I really don't want to say much about this film because it's great to watch without knowing much about it.

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