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A Plea for Thanksgiving

Today is the first day of November. Therefore, we are given a decision


Yes, when it comes to holidays, Thanksgiving is the middle child between Halloween and Christmas. I will admit, Thanksgiving has a tough run to begin with. Halloween gives you free candy and a chance to be someone else. Christmas involves getting gifts and singing carols. Therefore, Thanksgiving can leave you with having to deal with your crazy family. Someone gets angry because someone is talking about politics. Your dinner become comfort food. This results in your holiday to thrive becoming a day to survive.

I will also admit that I will likely sing Christmas Carol sometime this month. If Christmas were a dictator, then carols are its propaganda songs.

There! That's the problem! Thanksgiving does not have a Turkey Day Carol. Thanksgiving has nothing to sway us. Woo us.

SOLUTION: Write Thanksgiving Day Carols


Well, they do have the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade, but the whole Thanksgiving Day theme gets cock-blocked by the final float guest: Santa Claus.

SOLUTION: Tell Santa to take a hike!

Okay, maybe this blog will not solve everything, but it is a start.

Ghandi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

...based off his eating habits, he may have not liked Thanskgiving...

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