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Mad Men to Batman!

Usually, I write a comedy blog. BUT, I love Batman. I am a Die-Hard Batman Fan. And as much as I love Ben Affleck as the current Dark Knight, I am okay with his likely exit.

First off, Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman is the closest portrayal to the comic books. Plus, this interpreptation of Batman has never been brought to the screen, which is a battle-worn vigilante, who is pushing 50. Yes, Batman does not kill in the comics, but he killed in the movie. Due to a unfinished story arc that Warner Brothers cut, we could not see how this had potential to giving more depth to Bruce Wayne. He killed because he was grieving for the loss of Jason Todd (The Second Robin). his grief drove him down an obviously dark path. He loss destroyed him so much that he lost sight in being a hero. Seeing a strong character fall, and get back up is always a interesting story line. Currently, he as brought back his "no kill" rule.

Now, it appears Ben Affleck wants to exit the role, which I am fine with because I want an actor that is excited to be Batman. Look at other actors that portray superhero; Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Chris Pratt. They LOVE playing their roles ("Loved" for Jackman). They are passionate and desire to present the best representation of the character as possible. I want this for the role of Batman. Ryan Reynolds stole a Deadpool suit for himself! That is enthusiasm and love for a role!

As of recent, Jon Hamm is gunning for this role. He is not shy about people knowing how bad he wants this role. Plus look at this picture.

Jesse Pimpinella

Here is why Jon Hamm is perfect for the role of Batman thus far

1. He is 46, which is the perfect age for the current portrayal of Batman.

The current DCEU Batman's age is approximately 45-50ish by rough guess-timation. At this age, we see Batman struggling being Batman in a world with super powered allies, as well as enemies. Youth is no longer on his side, which demands him to be a expert strategist. Jon Hamm's and Ben Affleck's looks are not far off from each other, the transitions would be smooth.

Currently, Jake Gyllenhaal is said to be wanted for the role of Batman by director Matt Reeves. But he is 36. Not only is he too young, but Gyllenhaal looks too young to portray the Batman.


2. He is an award-winning actor = acting range

Google his Wikipedia! Jon Hamm is an award-winning actor. He is best known for his starring role in Mad Men, as well as some well-known hilarious guest starring roles on 30 Rock and more.

Funny and Serious! Dude's got range!

3. He has the look

Jon Hamm has the aged look of a older Bruce Wayne, as well as the jaw line. When I look at the picture below, I can definitely see Bruce Wayne

Jesse Pimpinella

What are your thoughts on the portrayal of The Dark Knight? Is there someone better? Do you want Affleck to stay?

Let's BatChat!!

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