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Thanks for thinking of me!

"Merry Christmas"

"Happy Hanukkah",

"Happy Kwanzaa"

"Happy Festivus!"

"Hey Shitbag, have a Happy Holiday!"

I do not care if you greet me incorrectly, I am just happy you thought of me. Okay, maybe don't call me a shitbag.

The other day, person A said "Happy Holidays" to person B and person B got offended because Person A didn't say "Merry Christmas."

Another time, person D said "Merry Christmas," and person E was upset that person D didn't say "Happy Holiday"


I was at the Barber Shop the other day.

A person leaving yelled "Merry ​Christmas" to everyone, but looked at me and said "Happy Hanukkah." For anyone that knows me, I have a huge nose. If I were to inhale, your ears would pop. Anyways, I did not get offended. I just saw a person trying to wish me a happy and safe holiday.


NOW, the man in my story had a choice

Choice #1 - Ignore everyone and just keep walking

Choice #2 - Attempt to say something nice to everyone and demonstrate an act of kindness or spread kindness.

I celebrate Christmas, but if someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah, I will wish it right back because I understand that person was just trying to send some positive vibes in the world. The person was trying to show kindness in a world where we are in short supply.

I don't expect anyone to be a mind reader, and be able to know what I celebrate. All I expect from someone is courtesy and kindness. And if they show that to me, then I am fine.

Now, there are people that try to shut down people's specific holidays. Those people are the problems. People that choose to not acknowledge other people's traditions. These are the wrong-doers because they are performing these actions with malice. The man at the barber shop did not wish me a Happy Hanukkah in malice.

So before we get upset, take a moment and understand the context of a person's actions. If they meant to be kind and nice, then don't be upset. But if they desire to do something malicious, then they need to be dealt with.

Bottom line: Love others, respect others and understand that we are not perfect. But as long as we make an effort to spread love and kindness into this world, then those are your allies in this cold dark world.

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