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My Italian Upbringing vs Health

Jesse Pimpinella

As of recently, I have hit a point where I need to get healthy.

I wheeze when I go up steps. Also, most of my meals have a mascot like a clown, a king, a queen, a colonel, a red head- you get the idea!

But I was unhealthy before my access to fast food was granted via driver license!

Since my childhood, my Italian up bringing has sabotaged me from having a healthy idea on health!

My grandma and mom are two people that were influential to my thoughts on health.

My Grandma a.k.a. Nonna

My Nonna was from Italy, so I don't know what healthcare was like there in the 40s, 50s and 60s. But, here is a list of prescriptions that I have been given when I was not feeling well as a child

Jesse Pimpinella

Image take from My Grandma's Cook Book/First Aid Kit

Jesse Pimpinella

My take away from this is that eating equals life and health.

Therefore, I shall become obese in order to

achieve immortality

My Mom aka "The Nurse!

My mom is a tough no nonsense nurse! Growing up, I had no OBAMACARE! I had Oh Mama Care. However, with all her intensive care patients that she care for all day, she had no time for my millennial needs.

“Mom, my arm/shoulder area hurts”

“Really? My patient doesn’t even have an arm! Be lucky!

My take away, don't bitch...unless it is discover that your shoulder was actually separating and "sucking it up" was not an option.

But over all, my mom takes great care of me. Even to this day! With my hypochondriac tendencies, I will end up driving her to the nut house.

Jesse Pimpinella


It's incredibly hard to work out and maintain a diet with constant temptations. I joined Planet Fitness. They have like pizza days and such. They press moderation. If moderation is crucial to this idea, then we should be given free "key bumps" at narcotics anonymous.

Not gonna lie, I am leaving now because that Spaghetti and Meatballs in a bread bowl will no eat itself!

Here's to death!

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