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Corona Virus, Toilet paper and Sex

Corona Apocalypse - Day 4!

Water aisle of stores are empty, toilet paper has become a prison currency for our society, and people have quarantined themselves in the comfort of their homes.

Due to loss of income, people have used Charming Ultra to pay the rent in my building.

There is no toilet paper to be found anywhere, so I must offer my suggestion...CHIPOTLE NAPKINS! Here me out. We already steal an abundant amount of napkins at Chipotle...may as well get some wiping material. For as much as their food has made get the shits, they should provide us T.P.

What people have not realized is that, must like the polar vortex, people are trapped in their houses...with their spouses... basically we will have a corona virus baby boom! 9 months from now, babies shall be born from their parents' DNA with a dash of corona! This may causes for babies to be feral.. deadly...possibly have three arms. Who knows, I didn't study science that closely in high school. I studied in the art of getting a passing grade. One thing I do know is that, if you are part corona, you have the need to travel to other countries.

That is all for now.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay quarantined!

You're friend, Jesse!


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