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The Hot Mess: Italian Anxiety!

Today, I would like to talk about family! It's our origin to life, experiences and therapy. Without family, there would have been no Freud! No Godfather Trilogy!

I was brought up by a single Italian mother, which mean I was never right about anything.The first born in an Italian family is much like a prize horse to gloat about. Unfortunately, I felt like the prized horse in the bed from The Godfather.

While my mom worked, I spent a lot of time with my Nonna and Papa (Grandparents), my crash course in Italian heritiage. Broken English was the national language there. My Papa got yelled at because he went to a "pawn "shop, but Nonna heard "porn shop" instead. There weren't technologically advanced past VHS systems; they thought DVDS were an extreme form of a Venerial Disease.

Minus technology, they are brilliant people. Nonna could out cook any chef. My grandfather is practically a genius. The book series that he has reread over the years is the Encyclopedias. I asked him which book was his favorite; "R is a page-turner, but X is a quick read." I am thinking about getting him an updated set because I opened a random one up and saw " To this day, many still visit the observation deck of the World Trade Centers."

Yep! I need to Amazon some Encyclopedias for him.

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