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Turkey, Shopping & Uptown Scrooge

Jesse Pimpinella

Another round of Thanksgiving is among us. Like a political fight on Facebook, I plan on being completely useless for the foreseeable future.

When your family asks you "how's life" at Thanksgiving Dinner, it feels like you are about to present to the Shark Tank judges on why they should invest in your life. From my experience, saying that "I finally have a tight 5 on F*cking Lola Bunny from Space Jam" doesn't go well. In my defense, I went through puberty because of her. After watching that movie, I made some space jam...Jizz.

Jesse Pimpinella

Some say that Black Friday is the 911 of Human Decency. The trampling and stampeding in stores.

I've hated the this day because I was never allowed to get new clothes because " Jesse, you may not buy bigger clothing because you got fat! I will not enable obesity by purchasing new clothes for you"

But I have learned that if you run around a department store saying "I want a Turbo man Doll" in an Austrian Accent, you will be asked to leave. No one working on that day has a sense of humor, so be nice!

This past weekend was great. I did 2 #Roadshows in Canton, OH, 1 in Huntington, WV and a dress rehearsal for Uptown Scrooge in Westerville,OH.

Uptown Scrooge is a walking tour show of the Christmas Carol. However, this show is NOTHING like the same old Christmas Carol that is blasted every where. Here, the audience is Scrooge, who shall be lead through the local business of Uptown Westerville, where scenes shall unfold!

I portray The Guide, jacob Marley, Past and Present! Get tickets Now! It's in interactive transformational show that wil tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.



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