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New Website, New Adventures

Well! This is new! I have never had a website before, let alone a blog to manage on it. I feel like this is a big responsibility, much like having a pet. Three gold fish burials later (I was 7), I found out I may not be cut out for that responsibility. I just hope I am up for this challenge.

This blog will be a reflection period for me, a therapeutic time so to speak. I am currently working on new shows for the fall. So far, I have the Seneca Luxury Apartments interested in monthly show. The first show will be September 14, 2016. Also I have been working on a new 10 minutes to debut at The Comedy Cellar at Mojo's where I perform regularly. Dates for those shows will be announced soon!

Beside writing blogs, my web series #HashtagHuber serves as a VLOG, check it out the latest episode at

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