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Happy Presidents Day!

A day that honors U.S. Presidents or at least the one we know of! Seriously, can anyone name all of them? I can name the most recent ones, the money ones and most definitely Alexander Hamilton, thanks to LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA.

Seriously, who is the guy on the $2 Bill? Google that for me, and get back to me.

Anyways, I woke up today in disappointment because I did not receive a day-off from classes. Literally, I would celebrate any holiday that gets me out of school. Prostitute Appreciation Day; hell yeah! I wouldn't buy a prostitute, but I would respect the (Lack of) hard choices she/he had to make in life (Could work at a gas station).

Anyways, Happy President's Day...seriously how do we celebrate this day...with Car Dealership sales?

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