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Fat Neil Comedy

Today, I saw my Facebook "On This Day" feature, and found this picture.

In this picture is the comedy group once called FAT NEIL COMEDY!

From Left to Right- Michael Kolenich, Josh Winters, Jaye Mills, Fro, Tommy Snodgrass, and Nick Rango

I took the picture!

The name was given to us by our fearless leader, Jaye Mills. He was a big fan of the show Community and named us after a reoccurring character from the show

I had the pleasure of directing and it was a blast!

To this day, I am still friends with everyone in this picture, including Nick Rango who passed a few years back. I miss you bud, and I know that Heaven got a lot funnier since you got there.

I wish to do a reunion show one day! When the stars align and opportunity knocks, everyone will see us all together again! Until then, enjoy these pictures!

Here are some pictures!

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