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"And the Oscar goes to..."


First off, I have not seen any of the movies nominated and that is my issue. Not that I hadn't seen the movie, but that none of the movies I have seen were nominated.

Captain America Civil War, Batman v Superman (Back off, Affleck crushed it as Batman), The Nice Guys, and more!

Okay, they aren't Oscar films, but like Netflix should screen the Oscar movies so we as the public can watch them.

I got no time to go to the theater to see these movies. My ticket money is on straight deposit to DC and Marvel films

Watching the Oscars and not having seen the films, is like following March Madness and not watching the games, but instead just watching the brackets.

Whatever, I am going to watch Deadpool. Follow me at @comicjessehuber on TWITTER! I will live Tweet this and The Walking Dead on Sunday .

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