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Yes, it is that time of year, where coffee providers are making bank and sleep is just a fantasy! I am talking about FINALS WEEK(s). I add the "S" because some schools have some human decency to spread the exams out so one isn't getting too hopped up on adderall.


1) Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Have plan(s). When I was done with my exams this past semester, I had a weekend of work scheduled at The Funny Stop Comedy Club. Having an award can sometimes sweeten the simple goal of passing the class

2) Get Sleep

Schedule naps in order to regain some energy...or just do coke.*

It's like the twitchy kid in the bad of my classroom says "Coke it, so you don't choke it." I am assume he is talking about choking on an exam. I am not expert here.


Yeah! How can you expect to pass the class, without understanding the topics!

You must get a strong grip on the subject. Vigorously explore the subject at your own speed. Don't rush the process.

Eventually it will cum.

4) Laugh!

Laughing help reduce stress! Here is some funny stuff! GOOD LUCK!

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