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My Birthday: Circling The Sun 25 Times

Jesse Pimpinella

February 28th 1993, my mother gave birth

We as a society love celebrating anniversary. We celebrate them for births, for marriages, for releases dates of movies, and more. Birthdays seems to be the most common of annual celebrations.

I currently celebrate the birthday of losing my virginity, which is called my GIRTHDAY!

For my recent birthday, I spent the past weekend with my family. We are a big, loud Italian family. We speak with the stereotypical hand gestures. When we talk, it looks like we are trying to swat a fly on every syllable we speak.

We all gathered at my Grandmother's House. I say Grandmother's house because my Grandfather is not the boss. I call them Nonna and Papa. Nonna spent the morning preparing a large selection of food on her table. It was a buffet.

This dinner was interesting because my aunt bought my grandparents an "ALEXA" device. Oh Boy! My grandparents were not impressed that Alexa could not speak Italian.

Nonna: "What do you mean? It doesn't speak Italian. My TV can speak Italian. Look Subtitles. Italian Subtitles. "

Papa: "Alex....Alex...Alex...

Me: It's Alexa

Papa: "I know, I am trying to give it a nickname, but it doesn't seem friendly. "

Me: "No, you must say Alexa. "

My Grandfather was amused when he asked Alexa about "Benito Mussolini," who is an Italian Dictator that was a good leader until he helped Hitler.

To clear this up. Loving Benito Mussolini was the same as loving O.J. Simpson as a football player before the homicide.

Papa: "He was a great leader...before Hitler."

Mussolini was Anakin Sywalker in Episodes 1 & 2. A good guy before slaughtering a children's jedi school, and becoming Darth Vadar.

I was so lucky my girlfriend was Sicilian. When my grandfather was speaking about what Benito did well for Italy, she understood because she too had a grandfather who was much the same.

What was nervous about the sudden Benito Mussolini talk at my birthday was that my sister had brought her boyfriend to meet the family.

Seeing a Grandfather still singing propaganda songs that have been stuck in his head since childhood is not the norm. Especially when he is asking for Alexa to sing along.

All in all, it was a great Birthday/ Sunday Dinner.

Thanks for reading

Jesse Pimpinella

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