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BLOG: The Bread & Milk Journal #1

Bread and Milk Journal#1

Jesse Pimpinella

I have survived another weekend in this snow wasteland.

Ohio is a place where you learn that Snow and Dicks have one thing in common, snow only needs 2-3 inches to do some damage.

People, it is cold out! I felt like a Ken Doll every time I have been outside. I feel like Rocky in Rocky IV when he is training for his bout with Ivan Drago.

Folks, besides Bread and Milk, we need streaming services.

Luckily, the almighty Netflix, Hulu and Prime provide us with entertainment that is pipped right into our homes.

And yes, Crackle does as well. Crackle is the Shemp of the streaming services. While we love Shemp, we will always prefer Curly.

That is all for now!

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