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Jesse Pimpinella

I'm 26 and sleep with a CPAP machine, which means I'm one Sexy B$tch in the bed.

I have sleep apnea which cause my body to peace out on the whole breathing and keeping me alive part of the deal!

Body: "I can't do this anymore! Jesus, take the wheel! "

A CPAP machine essentially is a Bane mask with a tube that pump air. When I put this on, my girlfriend always loves to play the Imperial March (Darth Vadar theme) to remind me that I have just reclaimed my virginity for life!

My girlfriend is a saint. That image is something she see in person a lot and she STILL LOVES ME!

I have plenty to say about my CPAP, but you will have to see me on the road performing. CLICK HERE FOR SHOW DATES

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