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BLOG: Uptown Scrooge Is A Holiday Must!

Jesse Pimpinella
The amazing cast of Uptown Scrooge

I would like to dedicate this post so that I may talk about Uptown Scrooge. Not just because I am in it, but because this show is unlike any Christmas Carol that you have ever seen.

1) The Audience is Scrooge

2) The entire Uptown Westerville and it's small shops are the stage

3) Surprising spoilers and twists that I shall not reveal here!

In Uptown Scrooge, the Scrooges ( the audience) shall meet their Guide, who shall lead them in this walking tour show! Throughout the show, the Guide will transform into Jacob Marley, Past and Present. The Scrooges will be brought in to many small shops in Westerville, where other character await their arrival and a scene shall unfold. Scrooges may shout "Bah Humbug" to random people, receive a hug from their Nephew Fred, or dance at the Fezziwigs Christmas party! Check out the link below that ABC did on us!

Actual footage of the show!

CLICK HERE ---->Uptown Scrooge on ABC

Quick Take: The show is the perfect holiday treat that

will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart!


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