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The Most Horrifying Thing About The Conjuring Universe!

The most horrifying things about the Conjuring Universe is.....The Warren's parenting! Here me out; Judy is closer to evil than most people. The Warren's museum is a floor below hers! Yes it is locked up, but we know better! Here are some reasons! Comment any that I missed!

1) While they are out and about on their assignments, Judy is left home...with a museum of evil death! Don't tell me it is locked up properly; we all saw Annabelle 3. Why not have like a bomb shelter under the yard to house these evil icons. Money isn't an issues, they are backed by the Catholic Church! They have a Catholic Church American Express Card: "Never lease the Haunted House without it!

2) Yes, the Warrens were working, but they spent Christmas in London in the 2nd flick. Why not bring Grandma and Judy to stay safely at a hotel? The Warrens work while the Grandma and Judy explore London. Again, they got that Catholic money; this can be afforded.

3) After Annabelle 3, no extra security measures are taken. Ed Warren just looks at the nosey teenager that caused the whole mayhem and basically said "Fuck around and you saw what happened!"

4) Finally! The latest Conjuring flick has Ed and Lorraine take on an antagonist that would tear their lives apart and risk everything thing that have to love, according to the retired priest. Did they even check in with Judy or Grandma and ask how they felt? They would seem to have a vested interest in this case since they would possibly be COLLATERAL! Nope! Lorraine and Ed check in with each other and the game was one!

Again this is all fun and games! Comment anything that I missed!

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