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BLOG: Self- Doubt and Other Nonsense

Jesse Pimpinella

Lately, I have been struggling with thoughts of my future

"Will I achieve all my goals, dreams and aspirations?"

"Will I lead a happy life?"

"Will Ben Affleck ever

reconfirm he is Batman?"

For those that know me, I worry too much. Sometimes to the point of making myself physically sick. When you are passionate about something, you invest body, mind and soul. And if that investment sinks, you end up empty.

How do you combat failure? How do you convince (fool) yourself into thinking everything will be okay? I hate seeing stupid inspirational memes with some successful businessman next to his private jet that says "I know my future because I am building it" I feel like my version of that meme is me struggling to put together an IKEA set and the box is label "Life." Not to be confuse with Life, the shitty cereal that is basically BDSM to the taste buds without a safe-word.

I do realize that if this blog post gets any darker, Warner Bros will contact me to write a DC film. To be honest, I have had a few personal failures recently. After a while, it makes one feel like they are good at their own existence. If one were to ever sculpt a statue in my likeness, it would be located on every last place trophy. I guess there is no real answer to how things get better. I guess you simply exist, do a few good deeds, and be thankful for whatever blessings (mercy) that you stumble upon.

Until next time

Jesse Pimpinella

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